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A.I Shadow Systems
Welcome to A.I Shadow Systems!
to A.I Shadow Systems.
Welcome all to the new source of gaming, where we take to the skies and bound no limits to 3D Realism Gaming. A.I Shadow Systems is a brand new foundation for the ultimate and more experienced gaming. Since we took to the outskirts of gaming, our foundation was hidden cleverly by it's owner, now that our company has become the next big thing, we had to make sure that our "company" had been shrouded by the poisonous cloud that we had performed to escape the middle class gaming warfare. Since our foundation had made concrete and we no longer hide within the depths of the blackness beneath your feet, our own poisonous shroud of extreme gaming has now surfaced, our time is now. Shall you join in the capade that now runs freely within the very air you breathe?

A.I Shadow Systems  is a brand new gaming company that produces graphics that look like reality. Have you ever seen things in the realistic prespective? We do. We know what it's like to experience something that you, the gamer, can relate to. Perhaps now is the chance to see for yourself, that the circus you have been drawn into is nothing like the roller coaster we are about to put you on is nothing like you ever experienced before.

Our [Artificial Intelligence] is nothing like you have ever experienced before. [symethria] - the new foundation that made us so concrete, time is now to step up and throw the competitors through the blackness, the extremist  loop they are about to experience as us, the competitor, to throw them into the blackened room they have never ever been locked in. Our [Artificial Intelligence] - [symethria] - is a [Self-Aware] system combined with [Tactical Warefare and Mental Warefare] You have never experienced this type of thing before. 

This [A.I] system will corner you, even though you call yourself an expert,  well boys and girls... youre not the person whom you claim to be. We make sure that even the strongest mind can be easily broken down with our sophisticated systems. Our graphics throughout our game look like reality... Yes. We have the technology. It has taken us the time and effort to bring you something that NO ONE WAS ABLE TO DO BEFORE. You claim to have seen these types of graphics before, but no. Even the smallest of graphic cards can run this engine. Yes, it was proven a year ago that this type of gaming is truely abled to be produced through countless effort and time. But should we allow ourselves to be known? We already are....

A.I Shadow Systems
 is founded by a famous man, who calls himself Devil.  Many people claim to know this man, but you do not know him like we do. A founder of [symethria]. This man had spent over 3,000 hours to produce such realistic intensive graphics for you, the gamer, so you can enjoy what others could not do. [symethria] is a precious and copyrighted protected thrill that will bring even the hairs on your skin to ascend into the high skies. Are you ready for the next big thing?

A.O.G - This is the game we are working on, no.... You do NOT know what this stands for. You all can testify that you have known this time has come, time for the new big thing to come. But are you actually ready for what we are about to introduce to you? This game will have NO ERRORS...... the weapons, movement, skies, weather, horizons, the darkness.... the armor.... THE POWER... Come.... sit on this roller coaster, see if you can ride what the Devil has to offer.... It ..... Is.... Time.........

Prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen.... the ride is about to start..... Can you handle it?

A.I Shadow Systems

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